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A new round of online meditations begins on Monday, July 17th. Join us!

The Practice of Living Awareness is a 14-step meditation practice designed for every level of practitioner. The practice is online and always free. Each step is simple and builds upon the one before. We offer new twenty-minute guided meditations three days per week, and each new week explores a new step of the practice. That's 14 steps in 14 weeks... or 14 meditative tools to use on and off of the cushion. Here are some helpful links:

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Online Classes

Online for 2 Wednesday Evenings in July! - July 19 & 26th

Students of esotericism... this two-evening class will take that complicated chart and make it simple! The chart of the Constitution of the Human Being illustrates the step down of spiritual energies that allows consciousness to express as YOU - a living, breathing, feeling, thinking manifestation of divine energies.


A silent retreat allows the meditative experience to permeate every activity. 
This retreat will focus on mindfulness as a way of creating a living awareness. Summer offers so much splendor for the senses: local organic food for your taste buds, fresh flowers perfuming the air, green grass growing all around, and delightful summer streams for dipping  your feet. We will bring these experiences to the meditation cushion and take the meditative experience off of the cushion. All activities will be guided; we will go into gentle silence after dinner on Friday and come out of silence for lunch on Sunday
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A teacher training weekend.
Chakra Yoga: Incorporating the energetic architecture of asana into your class
August 3-6
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