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Guest Profile

Amanda Sage

Amanda Sage is an artist whos work represents multidimensional aspects of humanity in harmonious balance. Her paintings aim to inspire and expand perspectives towards greater compassion and inner peace.

Born in Denver, Colorado, her creativity and curiosity for the world led her to studying art independently with contemporary masters in Southeast Asia and Europe. Her work has been exhibited in Museums, Institutions and Galleries worldwide. She considers herself a global citizen as she travels the world exhibiting & creating her work as well as teaching empowering workshops and lecturing at institutions and festivals. She has been instrumental in the founding of the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art that opened its doors in the fall of 2013. She also serves as a member on the board of directors for Alex & Allyson Grey’s Art Sanctuary, CoSM, in New York.

With an overall focus on imaginative and sometimes challenging imagery, her goal is to evoke an inner spark of creative passion through her work as she travels into the infinite potential and power of visual symbolic narratives


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