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Audrey Santo Domingo

Hello! I'm Audrey, a business woman and proud number cruncher who can turn numbers into conscious & valuable insights to create positive shifts in people, families and business. I lead through my heart, not my head to stay adaptable, creative and humble. If my heart's desires produce favourable financials then that is the direction I am going. In business, the era of AI will require leaders with a high degree of emotional intelligence because finance is not all about making money. Finance is about making a difference.


As a natural born go-getter, my passion has continuously driven me to expand my knowledge, experience, and relationships. With a strong finance background obtained from Fortune 500 companies in health care, mass-retail, CPG and global relocation, along with a diverse skill set that combines strategic, commercial, operational and technical understanding, I’m confident in the creative ideas and solutions I bring to the table.



As a leader, I aim to enable my team to collaborate with leaders across the organization and use their finance expertise to engage with them in a way that shakes the status quo to its foundation, manage adversity and create positive change in the P&L while maintaining strong relationships


Dr. James Rosenwald