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Chris Yee

Chris Yee, MD is a Physician Coach and the founder of Life Abundant Consulting, LLC. His work is shifting how medical professionals and patients engage so that patients become the leader of their own journey to improved health. He is certified in the Brave Thinking Institute coaching program, which has helped thousands of people discover  renewed health, vigor, and abundance by leveraging their inner power to create an outer world they love. 

As a Family Medicine doctor,for over 15 years, he's partnered with people of every age in achieving their optimal health. He founded a Family Medicine Residency training site and co- founded an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner, ARNP, residency at International Community Health Service, and is a leader in developing medical teaching programs.

In his earlier life, dancers across the world have been touched through his inspirational and connection centered approach to teaching Lindy Hop. While attending Cornell University, he competed as an all around gymnast and earned the title of All American Ivy League Athlete.

This together with his great sense of humor, his love for life, and his intensive study of transformational change with the Brave Thinking Institute have led him to bring inspiring workshops and transformational coaching programs that help clients achieve new heights of success, meaning, and spiritual aliveness.

He practices medicine at Seattle Public Health as a Lead Physician, Medical Resident Teacher, and Team Wellness and Culture Coach.


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