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Guest Profile

Christina Ioannides

Christina Ioannides is a passionate self-defense expert, speaker, and mindset and empowerment coach. She launched her empowerment lifestyle brand, Fabulous & FearLESS, while working 
full-time in her corporate career in wealth management.

Today, Fabulous & FearLESS empowers and educates women to be safe, strong and assertive, whether in their personal life or professional career. We provide them with tips and tools to use their voice, stand up for themselves and walk into a room or a meeting with confidence and presence.

Christina Ioannides is a martial artist with over 35 years experience, a six-time World Karate Fighting Champion, and a breast cancer survivor. She is a firm believer in the power of preparation, taking consistent action and understands the importance of a strong mindset. She is on a mission to empower women to be more aware and better prepared, as she believes these are the keys to giving women the best chance to tackle any hurdle, whether at work or in their personal life.

When Christina is not empowering women, she enjoys training karate, running, reading and cooking up one of her favorite Greek dishes. 


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