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Cindy Lee Yelland

Cindy Lee Yelland has overcome various physical challenges to inspire others to unleash the goddess within, through the sisterhood of belly dance. One of her troupes “The Loose Hip Sisters,” meets once a week to encourage women (and some brave men) to dance to the music in their souls. After having surgery to have her entire spine fused at the age of thirteen and being told she would be in a wheelchair by the time she hit her thirties, she surprised everyone with her determination to conquer many obstacles and prove them all wrong. Cindy dances as “the angel on the loose” with her eight feet tall wings, throughout Western Canada.

She also has an extensive background in counseling women with abuse, addiction and incarceration issues as well as her training in crystals, Feng Shui and psychic readings. She is now taking flight with the dragons from Tails from the Vector.


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