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Danny Ingram

Danny Ingram

Danny Ingram is a 20 year-old studio composition major in the music conservatory at Purchase College. His interests are predominantly in music, art, physical and mental wellness and nature. Danny enjoys yoga, running, writing, hiking, swimming, cultural foods and connecting with people. He holds a positive vision of the future in which all people are capable of seeing the world for what it can be and not only what it is at the present time, realizing that human effort on a mass scale has unfathomable potential for progress. He would like to see the world become less focused on consumerism and wastefulness and transform into a society with a higher state of awareness. Dannys vision of the world is one in which people are more understanding of the importance of positive relationships, interactions, deeds, values and more well-informed in how to procure sustainability for energy, food, housing and life in general.


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