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Guest Profile

Deborah Acker

Deborah is a transformational coach helping clients break through patterns and move into their authentic truth. As part of this, she has studied with some of the world’s top consciousness leaders and has been a featured guest on Now.Chicago on MeTV and Me Too and a featured teacher at the Breathe Festival. She is also a Teacher and Blogger on Dabble, a company that allows people to learn new things in cities around the world and is a member of the National Association of Professional Women.

Deborah’s ability to hold powerful presence helps her clients to unravel lifetimes of content, come to their soul’s truths and life’s purpose and awaken to the truth of who they are in very short periods of time. In her spare time, Deborah studies consciousness, oneness, truth and personal growth. She loves working out and is a Certified Personal Trainer with 20 years of teaching classes under her belt. Deborah also spends her time traveling around the world and has been fortunate to have traveled to every continent. Deborah prides herself on her fearless in life, which has meant jumping out of airplanes, even though she is terrified of heights, doing improv in front of 700 people as a novice improviser and in general, moving forward through the everyday fear that comes up in love, career and life in general.


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