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Dr. Linda Salvin

Dr. Linda Salvin Noted Modern Psychic

Linda received her Bachelor of Arts in Health Education from San Francisco State University in 1975 and went on to earn a Masters Degree in Public Health at the University of Michigan in 1977. She was ordained as a Doctor of Divinity in June, 1999. In June, 2008 Linda was awarded her Ph.D. in Metaphysics from the American Institute of Holistic Theology. Born bereft of psychic gifts and originally trained in public science, Dr. Linda Salvin has traveled, and still does travel, a remarkable life journey.

Devastating but Transcending Accidents
A series of devastating accidents transformed her life. A successful public health professional, Linda survived a commercial airliner crash in 1981 while on company business. As she was sliding down the shoot, Linda had an out-of-body experience. That was the beginning of her psychic and spiritual changes.A year later, she was struck by a fire truck and in 1984, another traumatic auto accident brought her to the white light. A surgery in 1991 proved to be another life-altering experience, opening her to her healing gifts. By 1996, her body had developed tumors from healing people which needed to be removed; after her first of three surgeries for the tumors, Linda became a transmedium and began communicating with the other side to assist other people. With each of these experiences, her spiritual connection, psychic, healing and mediumship abilities began to grow. Rather then dwell on her own challenges, Linda reached out to further assist and heal others. Linda began her radio career in 1994.

Full Time Psychic
Eventually, Linda left her career as an epidemiologist to devote her full time energies to her metaphysical gifts. In addition to developing, through referral, an international following as a respected psychic, healer, and channeler in private practice, she took her skills to a wider audience via radio in 1994.



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