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ICLEI USA is the recognized leader in local sustainability. We are the only organization that offers a comprehensive approach to help your local government achieve its sustainability, climate protection, and clean energy goals. We set national standards and drive innovation.

What is ICLEI?
ICLEILocal Governments for Sustainability is the leading nonprofit membership association devoted to local governments engaged in sustainability, climate protection, and clean energy initiatives. In the United States, ICLEI USA is the recognized leader in its field, creating cutting-edge tools and establishing national standards.

Who are ICLEI's members?
More than 550 local governments in the United States are active members, with more than 1,100 worldwide. These members range from big cities New York and Atlanta to counties, small towns, and heartland communities Dubuque and Omaha.

Why do local governments join ICLEI?
ICLEI's diverse local government members share a broad desire to make their communities better places to live by making them greener, more efficient, and healthier, and by taking action against climate changebecause its impacts will be felt most tangibly at the local level.

ICLEI's mission is to support these efforts. By accessing our resources, planning processes, and technical guidance, local governments can achieve results faster and overcome financial constraints.

In other parts of the world, different ICLEI regional offices support local governments through region-specific initiatives driven by the expressed needs of those local governments, such as programs to promote clean water or improve waste management.


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