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Jaya Sarada

Jaya is an ordained minister, a student of Pathways of Light and a practitioner of Sacred Energy Healing, an authentic healing work which has roots in ancient medicine. She brings to this work years of training and experience in energy medicine and spiritual transformation.

Through the use of kinesiology, sound healing, mantras, sacred oils of communion and clearing, aura and chakra healing and Divine ministry, Jaya will guide you to open doorways to your deepest hearts yearning. Your time with her will assist you to uncover the root causes of imbalance in Body, Mind and Spirit trinity, and together you will create your unique path of restoration and healing. Each session offer clearing, an awakening of your vitality and inspiration for your life's purpose.

Jaya is the founder of Divine Gatherings and the co-founder of The Magdalene Sisterhood, which serve the purpose of offering community support in devotion to Spirit. Her life work is Life Essence Awakening Process, an energy medicine manual which teaches vibrational healing methods to evaluate your life force, as well as provides a complete resource guide of remedies and techniques to bring your system to balance and harmony.


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