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Joshua Sandstrom

Joshua Sandstrom is a Yogi, Entrepreneur & Global Adventurer.

He began navigating road trips across the country at 8 years old. His grandfather would toss him the road atlas and say 'get us to the East Coast'.  At 17 he set out on his own to learn the education of the universe while traveling the world. For 10+ years he explored the Andes & Himalayan mountains, studying agriculture systems of ancient cultures, and operating a fair-trade development business. This work supports timeless artisan craft, while bringing sustainable development to rural mountain communities. Today Joshua sits on the board of directors at Ninos del Sol, a home for orphaned children in Peru's Sacred Valley.  


While in Peru Joshua accepted a year long internship at Solar Energy International. This study of renewable energy and appropriate technology gave Joshua a unique hands-on view into sustainable development.  For over 10 years he has been advising, designing and installing renewable energy & permaculture systems up and down the West Coast.


With the rise of the internet, and the new work from home reality, Joshua took his entrepreneur skills into the digital space.  First as a web developer, and over time becoming a full stack digital marketer. He has helped many conscious brands scale with the power of the internet.  


Today Joshua lives in the mountains of Western North Carolina with his family.  He is a founding member of the Life-Force Academy, a Kundalini Yoga membership platform helping people transform and lift up their lives from the inside out.  



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