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Julianna Quijano

Julianna Rose is a Multidimensional StarLight Presence on the planet to assist the awakenings and rememberings of our true Source essence. She has journeyed for more than 2 decades in the metaphysical and healing arts to discover the unknown realms of consciousness and why we are here. She is trained and skilled in over 10 different modalities of energetic balancing. Julianna's sessions are loving and nurturing which allows for ease and flow in the process of deep transformation while changing and evolving. Her Source light mission is to provide many healing, teaching, and empowering platforms for others to discover their unique gifts and soul-aligned purpose, continued activation and communication with Universal crystal grids, develop light-activating coursework and create joyful global light communities for all. She offers free mini consultations for those curious about her work and to find out more.


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