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Guest Profile

Julie D'

Julie D’  is A High Energy Go Live it ~ Beautiful Being !

Walking her Talk  - Traveling Lightly - only what is needed to Live the Vibration of her Soul and the Truth of her KNOWING.

She is one of the most gifted communicators and insightful professionals.

Juie has an unmatched ability to make others feel comfortable at any level. In a group setting, Julie is a capable diplomat who can help others who may disagree to reach consensus or compromise and is also able to generate her own ideas or help improve upon others’ by bringing to light aspects that others overlook.

Any project or business would benefit greatly from Julie D’s input, as she has the rare ability to see the BIG PICTURE without overlooking crucial details.

Julie's journey has been chalk full of diversity and sharing - bringing the Best of her Being and dropping the frequency needed to ensure only Growth stimulates her seeds of Knowing.  A strong Sensitive balanced woman who can wear many different hats while maintaining her True Divine Purpose for Being here.

You can book a Free 30 minute meetup with Julie at



Wendy R. Wolf