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Junia Imel

In 2002, Junia Gail Imel took a quantum leap. She left her MBA degree and successful twenty-five year leadership career in advanced technology and education to discover the world from a new perspective, her own intuitive awareness. She spent time studying with indigenous shamans, curanderas, spiritual guides and mystics.

Courageously following an inner call, she spent 6 months traveling solo in Peru where she was invited into ritual with the Q'ero, Shipibo and medicine men/women. Her life was changed forever and now she has merged her love of adventure with her natural ability to lead in a unique travel experience called, Divine Adventures, where one journeys to inner and outer worlds to unleash innate wisdom and genius. She recently returned from Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley and Lake Titicaca and is looking to an exquisite trip in September that combines service with personal expansion and transformation.


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