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Guest Profile

Max Igan

Max Igan is an Australian Activist, veteran researcher, filmmaker, political activist, artist, author of Earth’s Forbidden Secrets, and international speaker. Ultimately, his broad experience of humanity makes him uniquely capable of fresh insights with far-reaching implications.

In his many videos, Max brings his powerful vision to lay bare the hidden crimes of the Globalists. Both his intellect and his tongue are sharp and those who seek Freedom are strengthened by his powerful observations that he shares in his videos which can be found on Freedom platforms such as Bitchute, Rumble, and many others.

Though he traveled the world as a musician, interacting with all variations of humanity, his nature remains solitary and reflective. His worldly travels opened his awareness to a broad spectrum of perspectives which enable him to delve deep with an insightful vision into topics and ideas too often overlooked.


Dr. James Rosenwald