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Nathan Ironside

Alive + Awake + Responding Now - is the life slogan of Nathan Ironside and his team "The Awakening". 


Born on the Sunshine Coast - Australia, creatively Nathan is an artist, songwriter and music producer. Spiritually, he is positioned as a Worship and Creative Arts Pastor. 


Since the age of 15, to date he has produced over 50 albums and has been a songwriter in English and Spanish for a variety of artists in Australia, USA, Europe and now Latin America. In May 2020, Nathan released "El Despertar LIVE", an album containing the most representative songs recorded live with 7,000 worshippers in Medellin- Colombia, as part of a night of worship called "Noche El Despertar" with the participation of Colombian artist Alex Campos in "Alrededor del Trono" Pastor and Psalmist Marco Barrientos in "Persigues Mi Corazón" and Colombian Vallenato artist Osmar Perez in "Avívanos Ya".


As a genre in Christian music, Nathan Ironside's sound is a fusion of alternative pop, balladry, with electronic music influences. As part of his catalog, the Australian has released 4 worship albums, in English and Spanish. The full album "Persigues Mi Corazon" (2016) features great artists and friends such as Marco Barrientos, Christine D'Clario, Ingrid Rosario and Joth Hunt from Planetshakers, Australia. His catalog is available on digital platforms and available on the original audio stems as musical resources.


Currently, Nathan and his wife Mary are based with their family in Ohio, USA leading the Worship / Production and Creative departments of Journey Church, a multicampus church of 5000 congregants. Nathan continues to write and produce music with various artists and plans soon to re-commence releasing music and touring throughout South America, the USA and Australia.


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