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Guest Profile

Patsy Sanders

Patsy Sanders, International Image Stylist coach & Master Hairstylist and Speaker, is known as the total transformation specialist. Her clients' images reveal who they truly are from head to toe and from the inside out by teaching the unknown secrets of how to align with their essence.

How you feel in your clothes is as important as how you look in your clothes! What you wear affects your income, whether you get that job/client, how easily you connect with others, your ability to attract an ideal partner, and even how you perceive yourself.

Living in her element as a Fire has equally transformed her experience of showing up authentically in the world. She confidently walks through life graciously accepting compliments no matter what she is wearing. Patsy is on a mission to help other women discover the joy of living in harmony with their true authenticity by finding their own unique style through the element typing system!



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