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Paula Quinlan

Paula Quinlan, Coach-Educator-Speaker, is a nationally Certified Natural Health Professional. Paula's life transformation journey began in 2002 when she connected with nature's gifts Young Living therapeutic essential oils and visited Clare's Well Retreat Center Annandale, MN for personal reflection and rediscovery of her spirituality and life purpose. The journey of healing from depression and suicidal thoughts began.

In the fall of 2005, Paula was presented with painfully emotional and physical challenges as a result of a motor vehicle accident. She looked to the gifts from Mother Earth Young Living Essential Oils, complimentary and alternative medicine for pain relief and to begin the healing.

In 2006, a grounded connection with the bio-diverse energy of the Amazon Rainforest Company herbs was a godsend. Just days after connecting with the rain forest energy, one of Paula's sisters lost the battle with depression. Just weeks later, still recovering from the emotional trauma of her sister's death, Paula contracted Lyme Disease along with several co-infections. The infestation of Lyme, along with secondary infections, resulted in a devastating attack on the central nervous system of Paulas body and brain function and pneumonia. Help was sought from medical doctors and specialists to no avail. Once again, Paula looked to natural medicines and complimentary and alternative practitioners to help heal. The rain forest energy and therapeutic essential oils provided the synergy to combat and conquer the Lyme invasion and begin the repair process. Chiropractic adjustments and deep tissue massage therapy were additional tools used in the healing process.

Paula's Mission is to Educate and Empower you to simplify your life and heal naturally, by connecting you with nature's medicines and holistic, vibrational medicines


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