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Tabby D

Tabby D is the founder of Bulletproof and Beautiful: Mindset coaching for women who struggle with negative self talk and a lack of confidence. Losing her job while 7 months pregnant with her second child, Tabby found herself with no job, no savings and a huge desire to never put her family in that position again and started her own business. Struggling with negative self talk, limiting beliefs and mental blocks, Tabby knew in order to be successful she had to develop a bulletproof mindset, build confidence in herself and shut out negativity from others. Tabby works with women in business, directors and executives who are hungry for progression, eager to change and most importantly, a self-belief that is unstoppable. She shows women how to walk in their God-given authority with a Bulletproof and Beautiful mindset so their goals, dreams and desires cannot be shot down.


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