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Tammy Scarlett

Tammy Scarlett works in finance and global humanitarian efforts.  She is AVP of Mortgage Lending for Guaranteed Rate on a Top 1% US team, and serves as Executive Director of UNIFY the World 501c3, a global nonprofit for world peace, which seeks to “Unify the Good” by facilitating engagement of individuals in global unity events and meditations, and participating in solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.

Tammy holds a BS in Business and Psychology, an MBA in Economics & Global Strategy, and recently completed her graduate degree in Anthropology from Harvard University. She worked for over ten years as a Mortgage Broker of an all-women company in the Pacific Northwest, serving on the state and local board, heading up local humanitarian efforts, and offering her "Financial Foundations for Life" curriculum as free education to the community. 

Having been raised on a Native American reservation outside of Seattle, Tammy has worked with many Native American and First Nations communities from the Four Corners to the Yukon to New England and credits her experiences there with being her greatest teachers, providing her with a lens through which to see all cultures and experiences as equally valuable, precious treasures in their own right.  Tammy combines her education in Anthropology, Business, and Psychology with her experience in finance, executive management, and leadership to bring solutions and strategy to global humanitarian efforts.

She contributes to local groups such as EvolveHer, FemCity, Women Belong and GiveBackHomes, and volunteers her time for organizations such as St. Judes and Executive Experience, as well as is heading up a Real Estate Peer Consulting group for women, called RISE, focusing on business strategy, leadership in the industry, and giving back to the community.  She also founded White Lotus Global Initiative, a blueprint for healing the world, and has served as a facilitator for HIVE Global Leaders.

After spending several years in Santa Monica and Boston, Tammy, a Pacific Northwest native, now resides in a suburb of Chicago, IL with her husband Sean who is a 12-year military veteran, their one-year-old daughter Aurelia (named after Marcus Aurelius), and their pup, Huxley (full name, Aldous Huxley Aristotle Maxymuik, III). Tammy loves world travel, is a Burner, and likes to sing, paint, or read in her spare time. 


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