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Wanda Davis

From Head to Heart is my recently released children's book. Themes include effects from bullying, mental health, asking for help and living your true self. This book is for teachers, parents, grandparents and anyone who works with children. It opens up discussions about feelings and encourages kids to reach out for the help they need to gain better mental health. The book will be formally launched in late August and I am now booking speaking engagements for the fall to visit classrooms and organizations to share these messages. Please click here for more details:

As Your Personal Growth Guide I help clients grow to reach goal success in different areas including health and well-being, time management and spiritual growth. As an author, speaker and workshop facilitator I will educate you about different methods that will help you grow, define your purpose and step into your own power. I am a Gene Keys Guide and offer several coaching packages to discover your Gifts. Offering an energetic approach to employee wellness, I customize programs for small and medium-sized businesses to help people heal their energy body for reduced stress and improved mental health. Discover more about the essence and energy of you and how it can empower you be a better leader, team member and contributor to life.

Wanda coaches people to create more balance in their lives through personal growth coaching, goal success and reduction in stress. Learning to ask questions creates more choice and possibilities. As a skilled energy practitioner Wanda shares her knowledge about the energy within and in the world around us and explains how to tap into the vast amounts available for wellness. Knowing more about how energy works can help Leaders better understand the teams that they lead and inspire everyone to reach their potential.

Wanda is the business owner of Elements (2011) that focuses on spiritual self-discovery, stress reduction and mental wellness. Wanda is a Certified Coach Practitioner (2016) with a focus on helping people navigate life transitions, work on personal growth and helping them reach their potential and goals with less stress. As a Reiki Master/Teacher (2005) and Access Bars Facilitator (2015) she has a large breadth of knowledge on stress reducing techniques, such as meditation and energy work. She has strong interpersonal skills dealing with youth and adults, outstanding presentation and training skills and uses many strategies that increase engagement and learning.


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