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Wendy Davis

Wendy Davis is an actress who truly believes people can thrive and be wildly successful while living with ADHD. She thinks part of the success is the creative ADHD mind that thinks outside the box. Her mantra is, "Having ADHD means you are different but not defective."

Wendy currently appears in the television series Scandal and plays Joan Burton on the Lifetime series Army Wives. Her other television credits include Commander in Chief, Cold Case, Grey's Anatomy, The District, Angel, Coach, Between Brothers, Profiler, Smart Guy, and In Living Color.

Wendy's wonderful interview with CHADD highlights childhood memories of living with ADHD and her path to her career. As a youth, she felt something was wrong with her, and her parents didnt know the best way to address it. Without a diagnosis and proper educational interventions, she struggled in school. Yet in college, she recognized a career path that complemented how her brain works, enabling her to thrive in her profession.

Wendy knows many successful people have ADHD and are silent about it. She wants to shift this trend and encourage people to stand up and share their experiences.

You will soon be able to see Wendy as a plenary speaker at CHADD's Annual Conference in Crystal City, Virginia, on Thursday, November 7, 2013.


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