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Wendy Ida

Wendy Ida eeda is a 59 year-old exercise dynamo, 5-time award winning Fitness Pro, top Los Angeles fitness trainer and former Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the LA Avengers football team.

Wendy is a Magazine Advice Columnist as well as a frequent guest on TV and talk radio. She has achieved international recognition via commercials, exercise videos and dozens of other appearances on Fox Sports Net, the Lifetime channel, TV1 and others.

She is Director of the Obesity Prevention Initiative OPI Program, with USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, Kaiser Permanente, American Bio-Clinical Laboratories and the Real Men Cook Foundation.

Her own personal journey from despair to reinventing herself as a premier personal trainer embodies her mantra that it is "never too late to take charge of your life." In Take Back Your Life Wendy Ida's No Nonsense Approach to Health, Fitness & Looking Good Naked Wendy shares her highly successful approach to exercise, nutrition and motivation so that you, too, can take back your life

Wendy's fitness career began after she gained 50 pounds with the birth of her second child. After a friend convinced her to try weight training, she became thrilled by the changes to her body, quit her 20 year Corporate Accounting job and pursued her own credentials as a personal trainer and nutrition specialist.

Known as the "Ab Queen," Wendy has a special talent for inspiring and motivating people to surpass their potential and reach their unique greatness Her clients love her and she is a living example of practicing what she preaches.


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